Service Provided

Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria was established for the purpose of assisting schools and communities throughout the nation to reduce youth crime, drug abuse, and violence. This is accomplished through a variety of trainings and events, which include: weekend leadership retreats; implementation trainings, training of trainers, an annual Africa Regional Youth Crime Prevention and Development Conference, and, youth leadership conferences. YCW Nigeria provides personalized technical assistance, distributes current and effective crime prevention and education resources, and provides a network for YCW sites to access and form partnerships with other organizations with similar goals.

1. Training
Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria conducts national and local training that is tailored to the needs of individual school, community, city or state sites. Professional, nationally certified crime prevention practitioners conduct these trainings, which include:

a. Implementation Training: teaches how to establish the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria.
Curriculum component include:
1. Youth Crime Watch basics
2. Local Assessment
3. Youth/Adult Partnerships
4. Roles and Responsibilities
5. Youth Crime Watch Key Components
6. Steps, Partners and Resources

b. Training of Trainers: teaches how to train youth and adults to implement Youth Crime Watch.
Curriculum component include:
1. How to conduct training for establishment and maintenance
2. Techniques, procedures and challenges for implementing crime reporting and youth patrols
3. Trainers’ Tricks of the Trade

c. Youth Leadership Conference: enhances participants’ leadership skills to organize and lead their YCW Core Group, schools and communities.
Skills developed include:
1. Team building
2. Crime Awareness and Reporting
3. Crisis Response
4. Conflict/Anger Management
5. Goal Setting
6. Communication, including Public Speaking
7. Problem Solving

d. Weekend Leadership Retreat: motivates students to make their YCW program a success while building teamwork skills and trust through participation in enjoyable interactive activities.
Curriculum components include:
1. Youth Crime Watch philosophy
2. Goals and Techniques
3. Local Assessment
4. Action Plan Development
5. Trust Building
6. Leadership and Team Building skills

2. Technical Assistance
Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria is dedicated to providing on-going support and aid to its existing and emerging YCW sites. This promotes continual success by providing the sites with the most updated and current resources and services. The assistance is accomplished through the use of census surveys and a database that contains contact information; demographic profiles; program content and training information. The technical assistance also includes telephone assistance and site visits, along with the development of detailed profiles of model sites and manuals on YCW components such as patrols and mentoring.

3. Newsletter
Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria produces “Citizens Alerts Magazine” three to four times a year. It is distributed to over 10,000 people and contains information on new resources, success stories, youth crime watch progress, fundraising, upcoming events, training, and much more.

4. Dissemination of Materials and Resources
Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria produces or supplies materials, such as manuals, monographs, videos, posters, T-shirts and other educational products, to aid youth and adults in their crime prevention efforts, ranging from starting to maintaining a successful Youth Crime Watch program.

5. Africa Regional Youth Crime Prevention & Development Conference
The Africa Regional Youth Crime Prevention & Development Conference (Secure Africa) is Africa’s premier crime prevention event for youth and adults. The conference attracts over 200 participants from nearly every state and several foreign countries who come to exchange ideas and information about the most effective youth crime prevention methods. It is a chance for youth to develop the motivation and leadership skills needed to make a positive difference in their schools and communities. Please see Secure Africa website.

6. Awards

Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria presents awards to individuals and organizations for their extraordinary contributions to youth crime prevention and youth empowerment. These awards are given annually at the Africa Regional Youth Crime Prevention & Development Conference. Winners receive a complimentary registration to the conference and recognition in the newsletter. Examples of award categories include Student of the Year, Advisor of the Year, Officer of the Year, School of the Year, Community of the Year, and Casey Awards for Law Enforcement, Volunteers, and Alumni.

7. Website
Current and updated information about the organization and its happenings along with links to many other organizations with the same youth crime prevention goals can be accessed through the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria website at Site visitors can email Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria with questions and concerns. They can also register for events and fill out a request for free crime prevention information.

8. Social Media Forum
The Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria has active social media platform and forum for all categories of people. It is designed to be a forum in which students and adults around the world can discuss youth issues and provide each other with the latest, most effective crime prevention methods and techniques. Visitors can post messages to be answered by other visitors. These can include upcoming events, pictures, success stories and other items visitors wish to share. Chat rooms where youth can have live, online conversations with other youth, adults and staff is also available. Twitter: @ycwnigeria; Facebook: /ycwnigeria; LinkedIn: Crime Watcher

9. Collaborations and Partnerships
Youth Crime Watch establishes partnerships with many national NGOs, corporate and governmental organizations with similar goals. Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria helps to facilitate these partnerships among organizations in order to provide the most effective support and assistance.