Different Roles in Youth Crime Watch Program

Youth Roles

Youth Crime Watch is based on the belief that safety and security of the school or community is the responsibility of everyone and that everyone ought to watch out and help out to achieve that security. The fact that everyone can do something does not mean that everyone does the same thing.

Youth Crime watch takes advantages of the diverse natural talent that exists among the youth, including them in roles that have worked in Youth Crime watch for schools and communities over a generation.

Though based on a belief that all school or community members should be actively involved, a Core group of young leaders work with their adult advisor to:

a. Help start a Youth Crime Watch.
b. Pinpoint the problems and/or opportunities that exist in the school or community that will be the focus of initial action by the Youth Crime Watch group.
c. Decide on the best methods to take advantage of positive opportunities or to alleviate problems.
d. Promote and publicize the program and select activities and action projects.
e. Keep the program active and effective.
f. Enlarge the program by identifying an Expanded Core group (other members) and finding ways to involve the entire school or community.

Advisors’ Roles

The advisor is the “Spark Plug” of the program and must guide the Youth Crime Watch members in all activities.

The Advisor must:

a. Help the youth who want to start a YCW program prepare a proposal to submit to the school administration or community leaders to seek support for the program and their goals.
b. Support the Core group members by guiding them and making suggestions that will benefit the group.
c. Help student work with the school administration, private and public businesses and organizations for fundraising to support activities the students are involved in.
d. Build partnerships with local law enforcement and businesses.
e. Help to write grants for financial support for the club activities.
f. Conduct ongoing training to include crime prevention, crime reporting, radio procedures, school safety and other components.
g. Act as a chaperone along with enthusiastic parents on field trips.
h. Organize award and other recognition ceremonies to motivate students to continue their fight against crime, drugs and violence.

Principal Roles

The principal is an integral part of the Youth Crime Watch program! Without his or her endorsement of the program, it would not exist. The principal should:

a. Support the goals and ideas of the program 100%.
b. Show support of the students involved in the program by giving them the opportunity to come up with ideas that could be implemented to make the school a safer place.
c. Assist in providing startup funding to enable the club to purchase T-shirts, radios and anything necessary to get the program off the ground.
d. With the approval of the school board, incorporate YCW into School’s curriculum.
e. Appear at ceremonies recognizing the students for their hard work.
f. Act as a resource, linking the students with important people such as religious, business, and community leaders that can be of assistance.