Past Events

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October 2002: Drug Abuse Education
YCWN brought a youth workshop to Felele community to educate young people about the dangers associated with drug abuse.
About 30 neighborhood youth attended the workshop.

April 1, 2003: St. Teresa's College launches YCW
Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria launched a new program at St Teresa's College, Oke-Ado, Ibadan, on April 1, 2003. Presiding at the launch ceremony were two YCW of Nigeria advisors, Mr. Kehinde Mosuru and Mrs. M. O. Abu from the Centre for Human Rights, the Vice-Principal of the school (representing the School Principal), and the Sister for the school.

A-day conference on HIV/AIDS tagged, “IMPACT” held at the School Hall of St. Teresa’s College, Oke – Ado, Ibadan.

April 12th & 19th 2003:
Monitored and Supervised (Local Observers) elections during the last general election in year 2003 at Ogbomosho Local Government area of Oyo State.

June 2003: One-day workshop planned for young people in Oyo State.

July 2003: "Youth, Crime, and the Nation" workshop a success
More than 500 youth gathered for a one-day crime prevention workshop with an emphasis on youth involvement and historical perspectives. Guest speakers included Inspector Chris Ero of the State Police Public Relations Office; Mr. Tunji Ajibade, representing General Manager of the Nigerian Television Authority; Mrs. Dupe, representing the Sunday Editor of the Nigerian Tribune; and Youth Crime Watch advisors. The event was covered by Nigerian Television Authority.

August 2003: Leadership Training
A one-day leadership training for Youth Crime Watch executives and committee heads was held at St. Teresa's College, Oke-Ado, Ibadan.

October 18th 2003
– One-to-one discussion program was held at Calvary International College on personality building and crime prevention strategies.

October 2003: St. Teresa's College Project Update
Members of the Youth Crime Watch at St. Teresa's College have taken charge of the atmosphere on their campus and actively participate in school assemblies. The group organized a successful grafitti clean-up this month.

November 8th 2003:
* A-day motivational and personal building Seminar and World Summit on Information Society pre-conference held at St. Teresa’s College, Ibadan. Guests were: Mr. Gbenga Sesan (First Nigeria IT Youth Ambassador), Mr. McJarra (TakingITglobal Australia)

* The flagging-up of YOU MAKE THE DIFFERENCE PROJECT also held at the School Hall of St. Teresa’s College, Ibadan. Guest speakers included Dr. Olaitan Olaofe, Managing Dirctor of CHI Limited Ajanla Farms, Ibadan; Mr. Hammeed Oluyedun of ONI and Sons Hospital, Ibadan; Mrs. Motunrayo Olanrewaju Abu, an activist and YCW advisor; and Mr. Gbenga Sesan, the First Nigerian Youth Information Technology Ambassador 2001-2003. The event was part of the Nigerian caucus on the December 2003 World Summit on Information Technology in Geneva, Switzerland.

* Pre-conference on World Summit on Information Society, which was finally held in Geneva, Switzerland between December 10 and 13, 2004.

November 2003: Bola Immaculate School launches YCW
Another Youth Crime Watch site was launched on November 28, this one at the Bola Immaculate School, Orita Challenge, Ibadan, Oyo State. The School Proprietress, Chief Bola Doherty, Headmaster Makinde, and Casey Adeleye Gbenga presided at the official ceremony.
1. To bring out the hidden potentials in our young people for self-reliance, economic development, community action, and civic participation.
2. To build self-confidence and motivate young people towards a better future.
3. To engage young people in resolving disputes and conflicts amicably and make them peace ambassadors.
4. Encourage co-existence among ethnic groups and faith organization in schools and communities in order to achieve a peaceful community.

The project started with students from eleven (11) local councils of Ibadan City and now covers other states of the federation. So far 8,712 young people had participated in the project since the year 2003 to 2009.

a. 5,654 young people out of the total participants made five credits in their national examinations.
b. 3,058 young participants at the end of the academic year made it to vocational schools and none constituted problems to the society so far.
c. Young participants are now active community volunteers in their schools and communities.
d. Young participants gained program development and management skills during the project cycle.

Additionally, wee appoint cheerleaders to supervise and coordinate this project which was started in thee year 2003 and young people had demonstrated their enthusiasm in using their potentials and capacity to togetherness stand up against social ills. These young people have grown to handle the Youth Crime Watch programs in Nigeria and full of management experience.

November 25th 2003 – One-to-one discussion program was held at Oke Ado High School on personality building and crime prevention strategies.

November 27th 2003 – Inauguration of YCW Site Bola Immaculate Group of Schools at the School premises.

Past Events

April 30th 2004:
Inauguration of YCW Site George & Duke International College at the School Hall.

A-day Personal Building Seminar tagged, “PERSONALITY BUILDING AS MEANS OF CRIME PREVENTION”, the Guest Speaker among others were Mrs. R.F. Sali, Executive Secretary, Youth Development Council, Mrs. M. O. Abu, YCW Adult Advisor, Dr. Olurin and others.

May 10th 2004
One-to-one discussion program was held at Yejide Girls Grammar School on personality building and crime prevention strategies.

August 3rd 2004:
A-day Statewide Conference on HIV/AIDS tagged, “YOU ARE VALUABLE” was held at the Trechard hall, University of Ibadan. Dignitaries at the occasion were Mrs. Mutiat Olayinka Ladoja, Wife of the Oyo State Governor and initiator and founder, Idera De Foundation ably represented by Mrs. Nike Ashiru, Wife of the State Commissioner for Water Resources and Environment, Dr. A. Animashaun, National Open University of Nigeria, Mr. Abu Slvanus, University of Jos, Mrs. V.I. Falope, Bar. Ranti Ajeleti, YCW Legal Advisor, Pastor (Mrs.) I.A. Odeleye, Mr. Moses Anegbode, Oyo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Yinka Oladapo, PLAN National Coordinator, Mr. Seun Onifade, Chairman, National Youth Council of Nigeria (Oyo State Chapter), Mrs. R.F. Sali, Executive Secretary, Youth Development Council, Oyo State and many other dignitaries at the occasion.

December 22nd 2004:
A-day public lecture on YOUTH CARNIVAL tagged, “YOUTH OUR PRIDE” held at the Studio 3 Hall, Nigeria Television Authority, South-West Zonal Network, Agodi, Ibadan. Attended by over 100 youth organizations in Oyo State. Dignitaries at the occasion were Mrs. Vicky Olumudi, General Manager, NTA; Mr. Moses Anegbode, Oyo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Femi Adedeji, Police PRO, Oyo State Police Command, Mr. S. Adebayo, Director, Youth Development Council, Ministry of Youth & Sport, Oyo State, and Mr. Ayo, the Director, Fundamental Resources for the Disabled, Oyo, Oyo State.

April 12th 2005:
A-day Life-changing and Life Building Seminar tagged, “POWER TO SAY NO” held at the School Hall, Yejide Girls Grammar School. The Guest Speakers at the occasion were: Mrs. Okunnoren, The School Vice-Principal, Mr. Austin Aninoya, CEO Canaan Homes, and Mr. Seun Onifade, Chairman, National Youth Council of Nigeria (Oyo State Chapter) and Coordinator, National Youth Network on HIV/AIDS.

July 26th 2005
One-to-one discussion program tagged, “Self-Esteem” was held at Yejide Girls Grammar School, Ibadan, Oyo State.

July 27th 2005
One-to-one discussion program tagged, “Self-Esteem” was held at Ikolaba High School, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria has been very active in 2005. The organization has made itself felt in schools and communities through educational and outreach efforts on such subjects as HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, and health and safety. Individual leaders in YCWN have also earned recognition for their efforts.

April 2005: Two from Nigeria receive International Extra Mile Awards from Youth Crime Watch of America
The International Extra Mile Award recognizes the hard work done by dedicated individuals to establish Youth Crime Watch programs in international settings. We recognize these individuals for accepting the challenge and "going the extra mile" in adapting the crime watch philosophy to local conditions. Pastor Olatunji Oluwaleye and Adeleye Gbenga have demonstrated enormous dedication and leadership in the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria program In part due to the individual efforts of these two gentlemen, there are now Youth Crime Watch sites in 7 Nigerian states. Their desire to make safer communities in Nigeria and the ability of these two men to accomplish their goals with virtually no resources is commendable and we salute them as 2005 International Extra Mile Award recipients.

A weeklong violence prevention network event among the Youth in the oil region of Delta state (Warri) and River State (Port-Harcourt). This program will serve as an avenue for the youth to speak their mind about the issue of unemployment and resource sharing in the oil regions.

This sporting event engage secondary schools students in Oyo State and serves as a crime prevention tool to reduce the high rate of crime, drug abuse and violence in our schools and communities.

Past Events

December 2006: AIDS Day
On December 1st 2006, the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria joined other youth organizations, government agencies, and non-profits to commemorate world AIDS day in Nigeria. The YCWN participated at a rally organized by the Network of Youth Organizations working against HIV and AIDS in Nigeria, in which YCWN is an active member and holds an executive position. The members of the YCWN were fully involved in the event.

November 2006: National Youth Conference on Political Violence
YCWN presented the National Youth Conference on Political Violence on November 29-30, 2006 at the National Museum Centre, Ibadan, Nigeria. The Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria organized a two-day National Youth Conference on Political Violence, Crime and Corruption in Nigeria. The event was held at the National Museum Centre, Ibadan. Speaking at the occasion were Mrs. R.F. Sali, Executive Secretary, Oyo State Agency for Youth Development, Bishop I.O. Odeleye, YCW Parent Advisor, Mr. Jonathan Johnson, Commissioner of Police, Oyo State represented by CSP Chris Ero, Mr. Yinka Ayanlola from Nation Builders' Organization. The Nigeria media were also at the event, the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA), Galaxy Television and Nigerian Trubune. It was well attended by students and youth from Oyo State and beyond. Students from the Youth Crime Watch site at Yejide Girls Grammmar School staged a drama on corruption. YCWN plans a sequel to this successful conference in October 2007.

March 2006: National Census
The Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria participated in the March National Population Census in NIGERIA conducted by the National Population Commission. Prior to this event, YCWN held a one-day forum on political violence prevention in Ibadan in which the Commission took part. YCW Nigeria members took part in the Adhoc Officials training organized by the Commission.

February 2006: Youth Forum
YCW Nigeria's one-day youth forum on political violence and youth unrest in the Niger-Delta was organized in partnership with the National Population Commission and Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to create an enabling environment for the National Population Census and electoral process in Nigeria. The program was held on Friday February 17th 2006 at the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria temporary office, Ibadan. The program kick started our POWERED TO SAY NO project for the youth in the Niger-Delta region and other States of the federation.

1. To reduce high rate of crime, substance abuse, and violence among young boys and girls in our schools and communalities.
2. To inculcate the habit and spirit of prevention and safety.
3. To encourage young people to report crime and pin point problems that can leads to more crimes in their schools and communities.
4. To demonstrate to young people that togetherness, affiliation and partnerships are powerful responses to threats that require more than individual action.

a. More than 5,000 youths have been enlisted as crime problem-solving analysts. The process is ongoing in our schools and communities.
b. Youth Crime Watch chapters has been established in more 10 states of the federation.
c. Seven Youth Crime Watch school sites have expanded creditably to accommodate more young people.

1. Seven schools supported the idea of establishing YCW programs in their schools.
2. Students and community youths now report crime without fear to appropriate office.
3. Students are now kick starting their own campaign against crime and rape in schools and communities.
4. Increase young people self-esteem and confidence.
5. Improve leadership and organizational skills.
6. Help young people to stay safer.
7. Increase young people sense of accountability and motivation.
8. Develops closer bond with school and community.

West Africa Regional Workshop on Crime & Drug, Ghana - 2011
All the Youth Crime Watch family gathered together in Ghana and in partnership with Ghana Police Service organized a two-day conference on cybersecurity in Accra, the federal capital. Over 100 young people from Ghana and across West African countries attended the event.

Secure Africa – Africa Regional Youth Crime Prevention & Development Conference
2012 till date ICT and Cybersecurity/Child Online Protection And host of other events too numerous to mention’