The Organization seeks to achieve its noble aims and objectives through the following programs:

1. Education

a. The Organization will cooperate and collaborate with appropriate agencies of government, international agencies, institutions, specialized NGOs and schools in order to facilitate the training of the citizens, law enforcement officers, judicial officers, health officers, school teachers and other categories of societies on issues that affect the youth and the society well being pertaining to drugs, violence and crimes.

b. The educational programmes of the organization will be both formal and informal and with priority to individual and groups with capacity for multiplier effect.

c. The Organization will explore the use of teaching aids including information and communication and publication of newsletter and magazines.

2. Lobbying

a. The Organization will engage the governance/administrative system in the country at all levels in a constructive, cooperative and collaborative way with the view to working mutually for the attainment of improved living culture and peace within the Nigerian society.

b. The Organization will employ lobbying of the various parliamentary arms of government as well as the executive arms of government at all levels for the promotion of crime-free, drug-free and violence-free environment.

3. Research

a. The Organization will prioritize research activities and thus work extensively on collecting and collating data on drug, violence, and crime issues.

b. The Organization shall also keep a library of human development issues as a resource center for academia, students, government agencies and as well as other interested person(s) or group(s).

4. Campaign

The Organization will use campaign as an instrument of social conscientization and mobilization. This will involve the use of the print and electronic media. Traditional channels of communication as well as awareness rallies.

5. Networking

The Organization will explore to its maximum, opportunities provided by technologies especially, the information and Communication Technologies for the purposes of mass mobilization, conscientization, education, communication and social interaction.

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