a. Membership of the Organization shall be open to all Nigerians from 10 years of age (irrespective of their place of origin, residence, gender, vocation or professional calling, religious or ideological outlook) who are committed to the realization of YCW’s aims and objectives, who pledge to loyally support it materially and otherwise and who are prepared in a disciplined manner to commit his or her energies, skills and intellect to the formulation and implementation of its policies and programmes.

b. It shall be open to affiliate organizations provided that the membership of such individual and affiliate organization and participation in other organization do not conflict with the aims, objectives and constitutional existence of the Organization.

c. Application for membership of Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria shall be addressed to the Secretariat, the consideration and acceptance of which shall be by the Board of Directors.

d. Distinguished individuals who satisfy criteria as may be laid down by the Board of Directors may be conferred with honourary membership of the Organization.

e. Application for the establishment of Youth Crime Watch site shall be addressed to the Secretariat, the consideration and acceptance of which shall be by the Board of Directors.

Membership Procedure

Before anybody can become a member the following procedures must be strictly adhere to.

1. He/she must purchase a membership application form from the Secretariat or through a member of the Organization.

2. He/she must submit two reference letters and two passport photographs to the Secretariat.

3. He/she must submit a completed membership application form duly signed by his/her parent if under 18 years of age.

4. He/she must purchase the Organization Handbook from the Secretariat.

5. To attend four meetings of the Organ without absence; an investigation must be conducted on his/her personality.

6. A letter of acceptance must be issued.

7. Adhere to the principles and analysis of Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria (Please refer to the Mission Statement and Objectives)

8. Are interested in or work on issues related to the following: crime prevention, non-violence, peace building, environment, cybersecurity, child online protection, human rights, Anti-trafficking, migration, as well as other related areas.

9. Are willing to participate actively and in collaboration with other Alliance members in any projects or campaigns on the above-mentioned issues.

10. Will send Annual Reports or equivalent, of your organization to the Secretariat. New members should send brochures and their most recent Annual Report on application.

11. There is REQUIREDS membership fee to be paid after your interview and investigation. However, individuals and organizations are welcome to make donations to support the work of Secretariat.

12. Termination of the membership can be initiated at any time by either the member or by the International Secretariat under the following circumstances: (Please refer to the Termination of Membership below)

Duties of A Member

The fundamental duties of a member of YCW include the following:

1. Understand and defend the aims, objectives, policies, programmes and interests of YCW at all times, which he or she should fearlessly and continuously explain to the people.

2. Take an active part in the work of YCW.

3. Be aware and remain an embodiment of the fight against all forms of environment degradation, crime, violence, drugs, and others.

4. Be disciplined, honest and loyal in submitting to majority decisions and carry out resolutions of the organs and structures of the Organization at all levels.

Rights of A Member

A member of YCWN shall be entitled:

1. To a membership card upon admission (duly paid for), and to attend meetings of YCW and of any other structure or organ to which he is invited to participate as a delegate or invitee.

2. Participate in the discussion, formulation and implementation of policies and programmes of YCW.

3. Within the structure of the Organization, criticize constructively, any policy, program or official of YCW at the different levels.

4. Take part in elections into posts within the Organization either as a candidate or a voter or be appointed or elected into any committee or delegation of YCW in accordance with this constitution.

5. Attend workshops on crime Prevention, environmental sanitation education, reporting, mentoring and patrols, training of crime strategies, and conferences both within the country and outside the country.

6. Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria members are part of a global alliance, which has attained worldwide acclamation for its clear and unambiguous positions on issues concerning crime prevention, environment and violence. This adds to the efficacy and power of common advocacy actions of Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria.

7. Members are served by Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria’s Secretariat. Its core functions are to service and support members of the Alliance in every region of the world, by:
i. Strengthening local (member) groups

ii. Making local issues internationally visible, and supporting members in their advocacy efforts

iii. Helping to apply international policies and standards locally

iv. Facilitating local, regional, international representation of members at relevant fora.

v. Building, facilitating and maintaining mutual exchanges, communications and learning with and between Alliance members

vi. Collecting, processing and disseminating essential documents on crime, drug and violence and related issues.

vii. Promoting and maintaining the cohesion of the Alliance regarding prioritization of issues and approaches to action.

viii. Developing and making available training modules on crime, drug and violence.

ix. Organizing and facilitating trainings, capacity building and conceptual clarity sessions for Alliance members as well as non-members upon request.

8. Members are entitled to 20% discount on Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria publications.

9. Members will receive Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria bulletins and announcements through electronic mail or ordinary post, as appropriate.

Termination of Membership

a. Termination of membership can be initiated at any time. If a member decides to terminate his/her membership, written notification must be sent to the National Coordinator/President of Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria.

b. Termination can also be initiated by the national Secretariat for the following reasons:

1. The use of the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria’s name in the endorsement, support or defense of any position, document, material or work product not officially sanctioned by the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria.

2. Representation by member organization that its affiliation with Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria makes it eligible for any funding support without prior consent by Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria.

3. Any action, public commentary or published statement attributed to the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria that is contradictory to the mission, objectives and policies of the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria.

c. Procedure to be followed for termination of membership initiated by the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria:

1. Prior and timely notice to the member organization of the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria’s intent to terminate membership and to bring the matter to the attention of the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria Board.

2. Written notification from the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria of the grounds for termination.

3. Opportunity for the member to respond prior to the matter being brought before the Board.

4. Opportunity for member to appear before the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria Board to discuss their prospective termination.

5. The Board makes the final determination on termination of membership and its decision cannot be appealed to any other body or entity.