Environment & Climate Change

We aim to raise awareness of local environmental issues globally and campaign for better environmental practices locally. We work to take action against deforestation which has been a major concern here in rural Nigeria and climate change through native forest restoration by involving young people to become tree planters and environmental sanitation supervisors and volunteers in their schools and communities.

We as local citizens have the power to positively impact the future of our planet and educating citizens on the importance of our environment to building a better future for us all. Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria aims to deliver environmental education programmes that provide professionals, community members, children and youths with tools that will allow them to easily and cost-efficiently reduce their negative impact on the environment.

Our work aims to:
* Campaign for better environmental practices
* Take action against climate change
* Implement tree planting projects as well as provide funding for partner planting projects in schools and communities
* Setting up school tree nurseries and provide environmental education
* Provide support for community development projects in rural communities centered on tree planting.
* Provide environmental consultancy services to schools in rural communities

Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria is an Observer organization of the United Nations Frameworks Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)