Child Online Protection

Over 180 nations have adopted the outcome document of a Special Session on Children entitled 'A World Fit for Children'. Priority 3 calls for action to protect children against sexual abuse, exploitation and violence . It reaffirms the obligation of leaders to promote and protect the rights of each child in accordance with the CRC. Paragraph 41 calls for the raising of awareness of “The illegality and harmful consequences of sexual exploitation and abuse, including through the Internet, and trafficking in children.” Paragraph 45 also asks States to, “Take necessary action, at all levels, as appropriate, to criminalize and penalize effectively, in conformity with all relevant and applicable international instruments, all forms of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children (UN, 2002).”

YCW Nigeria is a member of global community working on Child Online Protection recognized by the United Nations Agency on Information Technology and Telecommunications, International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

As a member of ITU COP Global Initiative, we will help to apply locally the Cybersecurity/COP aims to tackle cybersecurity holistically, addressing legal, technical, organizational and procedural issues as well as capacity building and international cooperation. YCW Nigeria recognizes that young people and children are our future and they should be helped to harness their skills and energies to positive development while recognizing their vulnerability in the Information world.

We will work with national stakeholders and other International organizations to ensure that our children and young people are safe in an online environment by identify risks and vulnerabilities to children in cyberspace, create awareness, and design pragmatic tools to help minimize risk and also share knowledge and experience


Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria will work to achieve cybersecurity and the areas will focus on is the prevention of Computer intrusion (i.e. hacking), Counterfeiting of currency, Child Pornography or Exploitation, Internet fraud, Internet bomb threats and Trafficking in explosive or incendiary devices or firearms over the Internet. We will work with national and international stakeholders to prevent any act that contravene the provision of the Nigeria constitution and cyber security International frameworks and resolutions.

The Internet we all know creates unlimited opportunities for commercial, social and educational activities. The convenience associated with Internet and the Internet is now being exploited to serve criminal purposes. Cybercrime covers Internet fraud not just online 419 – the use of computers and or the Internet to commit crime. Computer-assisted crime includes e-mail scams, hacking, distribution of hostile software (viruses and worms), denial of service attacks, theft of data, extortion, fraud and impersonation.