Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution – Is a formal name for settling problems in a way that lets you holds on to your dignity, while letting others save theirs as well. Conflict resolution involves two people constructively working through a disagreement.

Key steps to be taken to resolve a problem effectively and peacefully:

a. Decide what emotion you are feeling.

b. Analyze the conflict
1. What are your issues?
2. What is your relationship with the other person?
3. How does the conflict make you feel?

c. Communicate
1. Allow each person to have a chance to voice his or her perspective.
2. Listen to the other person while they are speaking and do not interrupt.

d. Identify the problem
1. Clearly state what you think the problem is and allows the other person the same opportunity.
2. State what needs to change.

e. Search for solutions
1. Brainstorm ideas together that would alleviate the problem.

f. Choose the solution
1. Evaluate which ideas would work the best to alleviate the problem.
2. Make sure it is clear what both of you need to do.

g. Closing
1. Discuss what can be done differently to avoid the same and similar situations in the future.