Bus Safety

Bus Safety – The main purpose of this component is to stress the importance of school and community bus safety and report serious crime if it occurs on the bus. While the driver is responsible for keeping everything under control, there may be some things that escape the driver’s attention. This is when Youth Crime Watch can help without undermining the driver’s authority.

1. Key steps in starting a bus safety program:

a. Hold a meeting of all school bus riders and discuss the following:
1. Right and responsibilities of students that ride the bus.
2. Unsafe actions on the bus where you think Youth Crime Watch can help.

b. Elect or appoint a small core group to work on suggested solutions.

c. Ask your transportation department officials to speak to the group on bus safety.

d. Explore forming a partnership with the transportation department to help your school with any serious problems that the driver does not see.

e. Select a method to report incidents to school officials.

f. Select activities that you may want to have throughout the year in order to stress the importance of bus safety.

g. Start planned activities and hold follow-up meetings to discuss old and new business.

To learn about how other school and community sites developed and incorporated these components into their Youth Crime Watch programs, contact the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria office for a copy of the site profiles and success stories book.