Program Benefits

For Community

* Harness additional volunteers for community improvement
* Establishes that youth can be part of the solution to community problems
* Taps energy and enthusiasm of youth as a community asset
* Builds good citizenship attitudes and behaviours
* Enhances quality of life for all community residents

For Law Enforcement Officers

* Provides early warning of possible crime problems
* Fosters skills and attitudes that deter crime
* Promotes safe and anonymous crime reporting
* Strengthens youth-police relationships
* Increases coverage through patrols and crime reporting at little or no cost

For Principal

* Reduce violence, drug use, and crime
* Offers cost-effective strategies to improve school climate
* Promotes safe and productive learning environment
* Strengthens school commitment and spirit
* Provides skill-based opportunities for learning and development

For Youth

* Helps them stay safer
* Increases self-esteem and confidence
* Improves leadership and organizational skills
* Increases sense of accountability and motivation
* Enables them to learn to teach others
* Gains program development and management skills
* Develops closer bonds with school and community