Action Projects

1. Action Projects – Is an activity planned by youth to help alleviate a problematic situation and/or develop the resiliency of the school or community against crime, drugs and violence. The planning process of projects builds leadership and team-building skills along with spirit and pride.

1. Key steps to planning and following through with an action project:
a. Assess the needs of your school or community. Decide what problems are present, which ones are of interest to your group and which ones you would like to help with.

b. Plan the event:
1. Identify who the project will benefit.
2. Establish goals and objectives of the project.
3. Decide what strategies you will use to meet those goals and objectives.
4. Establish deadlines and priorities.
5. Assign roles and responsibilities for different tasks.
6. Make sure the project can be evaluated.

c. Find resources:
1. Recruit volunteers.
- Ask for help:
- Stress benefits of the project.
- Ask volunteers to ask friends.
- Let people know how it will benefit them.
- Advertise
- Provide volunteers with appropriate recognition and thanks.
- Relate the activity to a special interest of a group.

2. Finding materials:
- Talk with school officials, local law enforcement agencies and non-profit organizations that support your cause.
- Solicit local businesses to provide monetary or material donations for the event.
- Fundraisers

d. Follow through with your project:
1. Provide training for volunteers.
2. Hold the event or activity.

e. Evaluate:
1. Survey beneficiaries and participants for knowledge, attitude and behaviour changes.
2. Determine whether or not the project met its goals and objectives.