African Centre for Citizens Orientation

Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria is a Sister program of the Africa Centre for Citizens Orientation, a coalition of five organizations that are committed to building active citizens. It is an outcome of thought-provoking pragmatic approach to tangling societal challenges started as Youth Crime Watch program in the year 2002, a direct result of high rates of crime, violence, drug abuse and corruption in our society. To arrest the ugly trend which has eaten deep into our social fabric, over fifty (50) young people converged together to form the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria (YCW Nigeria), which was successfully piloted in St. Teresa’s College and Felele Community, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Having successfully organized programs and activities for students and youths in schools and communities in partnership with private and public institutions coupled with scholarship assistance given to its members and out-of-school youths, the United Nations granted to the organization, a special consultative status with Economic and Social Council in July 2010. To establish YCW as a National NGO and to further inspire, mobilize, engage, network, develop and secure and to also inculcate our experiences and lesson learnt in working with young people, communities, leaders at all level and policymakers, the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria was transformed into the Africa Centre for Citizens Orientation duly and legally registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC/IT/NO 53808) to promote the common good of all Nigerians and Africans wherever they may be with a particular attention to children, youth and women, disadvantage communities and minority groups.

Africa Centre for Citizens Orientation works to create positive outcomes for Africa Citizens by improving the quality of education, conflict prevention development, leadership and accountability, election and good governance, Internet & ICT Diplomacy, ICT for Development, Citizen-Centred Crime Prevention, Conflict Resolutions, Conflict Analysis & Management, Rural Development, Environment, Human Rights, Anti-Corruption and Youth development programs. Also, we focus on transparency, accountability, anti-corruption, human rights safety and security, conflict management, and environment. For more information, please visit our official website


Building Active Citizens for A Better and Sustainable Society


To promote the common good of all through education



Education & Awareness

Crime Prevention & Security Education

ICT for Development

Conflict Resolution & Management

Rural Empowerment & Training


The objectives of our organization among others are:

1. To promote the common good of all
2. To protect the rights of all Africans
3. To inspire, engage and empower African citizens in order to become
active participants

4. To instill positive values, foster good citizenship and build
self-confidence in our people
5. To provide all, especially children and youth, with educational opportunities that empower them to contribute actively to sustainable development

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