About YCW Nigeria

The increasing wave of crime couple with negative internet usage by young people in the last decade due to the continuous downturn in the Nation’s economy and the moral decadence led to the creation of the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria has called for a very urgent need to stem the negative trend. During this period a lot of innocent lives were lost during armed robbery, burglary or rape, due to the spiraling incidences of robbery associated with rape of the victims.

Thus many hypertensive cases were recorded and some sexually transmitted diseases are also transferred during the process. On the other hand the psychological trauma that is inherited by the victims gives a lot of worry to both the victims and their immediate families.

Since cultism is spreading unabated, the use of drugs in schools (at all levels) due to its close usage by cultists has also sky rocketed. Many have even contacted the killer disease through the use of previously used sharp objects by druggists.

The apparent need for a training/enlightenment of youth who are ready instruments in the hand of politicians and our supposed leaders in different communities cannot however be over emphasized.

The joblessness of youths of differ ages and/or the restlessness of these cadre of the nations population has resulted according to our study in the indiscriminate use of aid invention of means of livelihood that are shameful to say the least.

All of these above and some others like it are what has propelled the pioneers of Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria to think of possibilities of ensuring that the negative trends are stemmed so that the present youths indeed becomes the real hope of the Nation positively.

Youth Crime Watch was established in 2002 when over fifty young people came together to address the growing rates of crimes, violence and drug in the city of Ibadan, Oyo State capital. This program has spread to other states of the federation including but not limited to Ondo, Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Ebonyi, Kwara, Imo, Rivers, Bayelsa, Kogi, FCT to mention but few. The successful pilot Youth Crime Watch program was located in St. Teresa’s College, Oke-Ado, Ibadan, where it experienced much success. In the first year of the program’s implementation, students helped to reduce their school crime problem. Equally important was the change in the students’ attitudes. They were learning they could make a positive difference. Students were reporting crime, saw positive results and enjoyed significantly improved morale and school spirit.

Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria was registered as a Non-Governmental Youth Organization in 2003 to support and continue the success of Youth Crime Watch by helping spread it throughout Oyo State and across the nation. In July 2010, the United Nations Committee on NGOs, i.e. Economic and Social Council granted a Special Consultative Status to the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria. YCW Nigeria is a program of the African Centre for Citizens Orientation, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria.

Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria brings youths of all backgrounds together to identify and correct problems unique to their schools and communities. The YCW program empowers youths to take an active role in addressing the problems around them. Youths take ownership of their own YCW program for their school, neighborhood, public housing site, recreational center/park etc.

Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria (YCW Nigeria) assists youths in developing youth-led programs which can encompass up to nine key components that encourage "watch out" activities such as violence/crime reporting or youth patrols and "help out" activities such as conflict resolution, mentoring or mediation.


To expand a youth-led movement to all areas locally and nationally involving all facets of the community in support of the altruistic motives of youth and to inspire a “watch out, help out” commitment resulting in a dramatic reduction in crime, violence, and drugs.


To mobilize and equip a youth-led movement in schools and communities in partnership with public and private institutions; to create a safer environment free of crime, corruption, violence, and illicit drugs in order to foster good citizenship.


Youth Crime Watch holds that all youth are valued individually and collectively, and subscribes to the values of good citizenship, moral integrity, pride in ourselves and our community, self-reliance, accountability, personal responsibility, and care and respect for others. YCW members assume proactive peer influence and a “watch out, help out” philosophy.


The objectives of this movement among others are:

1. To enhance a crime-free, drug-free, violence-free environments conducive for learning and living.

2. To instill positive values, foster good citizenship and build self-confidence in our young people.

3. To enable youth to become resources for preventing crime, drug use and violence in their schools and neighborhoods.